Hello – welcome to Bondi. We are a boutique studio for modern day yoga and meditation.

We approach yoga and meditation in a fun and easy way and offer more than just a physical practice. It’s all about good vibes and improving the quality of everyday life. Expect to feel instantly more relaxed when you walk into our beautiful, fully equipped studio. And that’s even before the start of your practice.
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We have one simple mission:
To make people feel good.


Whether you’re looking for a challenging yoga experience or a more restorative time out, we offer a carefully selected range of top quality yoga and meditation classes, workshops and trainings for all levels and ages. Not limited to any rules but rather designed to make you feel good whatever it is you are looking for: re-energize, relax, strength, flexibility, a calm mind or all of the above.

All our classes are led by highly trained teachers and take 60 minutes; we know life is busy. We know life can be challenging too, and that’s why we designed everything with the beginner in mind. All as simple and comfortable as can be. Our studio is equipped with everything you need and we encourage you to take it easy. Relax a little longer after class, take a shower and have a drink in our Bondi Café. Sign in