Whether you’re looking for a challenging yoga experience or a more restorative time out, you set the time and day and our expert teachers will be there. Book your session now for up to 4 people and experience a tailor-made class that is delivered right to you, wherever that may be. In studio, online or outdoor.

We offer classes that will help you work on your body, mind and spirit. From yoga to meditation, there is something for you. Explore all options below. Once the booking is made, feel free to invite up to three friends to your session to share the experience and connect.

*The location for our outdoor classes is the beautiful green and quiet Kunstmuseumtuin.



A slow paced deep stretch class. Most of the poses in this class take place on the floor and are held for longer periods of time to allow a deeper opening of the body and creating a calm mind. Yin combines very well with active sports such as running, cycling and crossfit. Because of the longer holds, it is a challenging class but with sweet results. Guaranteed.


50 minutes | EUR 75


Bondi 50 is our signature class and is a condensed version of everything. It includes fast paced strengthening poses, slow deep stretches and guided meditation for a calm mind. Leave it to us to make you feel better with this vinyasa/yin/meditation combination class. Expect to breathe, flow, sweat, stretch and relax. Pure vibes!

50 minutes | EUR 75


For all expecting moms out there! A tailor made class for you and your baby. Our prenatal teachers will safely guide you through your practice to open & strengthen your beautiful pregnant body, connect with your baby, and relax.


50 minutes | EUR 75


An uplifting class that offers all you need to stretch and strengthen the body. Linking breath with movement, you increase flexibility and build strength and mental focus. An all-time favourite.




50 minutes | EUR 75


In this special class, expect to be guided through complete relaxation as you lie down in savasana. As the class progresses, you will find yourself in a certain state of clear consciousness while your body and mind are in deep rest. Your thoughts will start to fade into the background and you’ll get in a super relaxed ‘rest & digest’ state. It is in this state that your body begins to heal itself, naturally.

50 minutes | EUR 75



In the hustle of everyday life it can be difficult to find the time and space let alone the discipline to switch off and just be still. No worries, we’ve got you covered.

In this personal meditation session, you’ll work with a certified meditation instructor to train the muscle of your mind to find stillness and clarity.


Online: 30 minutes | EUR 55



A sculpt and tone mat class that focuses on your core muscles while also training the arms and legs. Pilates is all about improving strength, flexibility, and tone. A highly effective practice that you can tailor to your needs.



50 minutes | EUR 75


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Any other questions? We're happy to help. Please send an email to hello@studio-bondi.com