Pamela Driessen

Pamela Driessen


Pamela Driessen

Why yoga

Having danced for 20 years, I was so used to moving my body all the time, yet I was so out of tune with it. Yoga got me (re)acquainted. It’s such a beautiful way to check up, using the breath as a tool to sensitize and tune in. How do I feel? What do I need? A gentle mindful practice can calm the mind and soften & relax the body. An energising flow can feel so uplifting and strengthening. It’s magical! I love moving in a flow, letting each breath carry me into a new place that feels different every time. Moving in alignment with myself, everything softens, I feel free, healthy and super happy! This is the feeling I love to share. 

Teaching style

Based on Strala Yoga, I guide a gentle or energising flow to feel good music that supports the practice. You can expect fluid whole body movement ignited by the breath. Experience the strength that comes from a place of ease. And some fun!    

Favourite pose 

Downward facing dog. It’s a place where I can settle in for a while and check in with my whole body. How does my back feel? Is my neck relaxed? How do my arms and legs feel? What happens when I play around with the position of my hands and feet? It’s also a place of opportunity and potential. I can move into so many different directions from there! And it’s the place I always return to.

Favourite song 

An Ending, a Beginning by Dustin O’Halloran sets me up for my practice wherever I am. My eyes close, body softens and breath deepens.