Clearly there is no magic bullet for dealing with the challenges of work overload or the struggles of maintaining a healthy work/life balance. However, neuroscience research shows that practicing mindfulness can make all the difference to your state of mind. And so here it is.
The Bondi Mindfulness Training. Online. 8-weeks. Science-based.

Starting Wednesday evening, April, 28th.

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This mindfulness training is created to - first and foremost - make friends with your mind. Benefits include:

+ More space and clarity.
+ Train the mind to wander less
+ Handle day-to-day stress more easily.
+ Feel happier and more relaxed.
+ Step out of automatic pilot and break up with habits that are not serving you.
+ Learn a new (lifelong) skill in a group of like-minded people.
+ Build a solid meditation practice in your busy schedule.


This 8-week online training - as developed at the Oxford University - combines the ancient wisdom of mindfulness with cognitive behavioural methods developed in modern Western psychological science. It offers a lifelong skill that enables us to be more present in our lives, with ourselves and with others.

Every week we create more space in the mind.

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For this training Studio Bondi partners up with Marc van Heyningen.

"I'm a mindfulness trainer, coach, dad, human being, faced and still facing challenges in my life. At a young age I started to look for ways to deal with these challenges and to find more peace of mind. Mindfulness brought me a profound sense of peace and a different way to be in the world. It provides me with solid ground, a base of trust and relaxation. From my own experience I love to guide you to a life of more peace, relaxation and inner strength."

Marc is part of the association of mindfulness trainers called the VMBN and you can find him on Insight Timer.


All Zoom live sessions are on Wednesdays from 19.30 - 21.30 hrs, starting on Wednesday April 28 until June 16.

  • Week 1: Waking up from autopilot 
  • Week 2: Another way of being 
  • Week 3: Gathering the scattered mind 
  • Week 4: Recognise reactivity 
  • Week 5: Allowing and letting be 
  • Week 6: Responding skilfully 
  • Week 7: Taking care of yourself 
  • Week 8: Mindfulness for life 


The investment is EUR 395.
If you book before April 7th, you pay EUR 345.

Prices are including VAT.

Some health insurance companies compensate (a part of) the costs.
Check with your own insurance company or find more information here >.

Click on the button below to sign up via Marc's website:

“Before I started the training, I was a bit skeptical: isn't this training too “wishy washy" for me? In the end I found the training a relief. In a time of stress and turmoil, mindfulness was just what I needed. By applying mindfulness exercises in my daily life, I notice that I have much more peace in my body and mind. For example, I can now look at negative thoughts in a different way and I am much less "carried away" in this. Or, for example, be more grateful for the good things that are there. Since the training I have more energy, I feel freer and lighter.” - Ana


Not sure whether this training is for you or do you have another question? Get in touch via hello@studio-bondi.com. We’re always here to help you.