I Have Your Back - Sold out

Price EUR 25

In this 1,5 hr workshop, massage therapist Minh-Thu Le Roy combines her experience in massage therapy and yoga to show you how you can release tension in your shoulders and back (those areas of overwork) with simple practices.

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Whether you’re experiencing tension from repetitive stress, wrong posture, postural distortion, or trauma, the shoulder and neck area is too often tensed and easily builds up aches and pain.

This is your invitation to give your shoulders and neck some much-needed attention, and experience how movement, stretching and breathing can help. On top, you’ll get a better understanding of the related tissues, joints and biomechanics, and you get self-massage tips to truly own your body again.

pause and relax
breath and let go
move and release

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Reiki 1 Course

Price EUR 300

Reiki 1 – Connect to your energy flow with Elna Kempers
Learn to give Reiki to yourself and your loved-ones.

Reiki is a technique for stress reduction and relaxation that restores the balance between our mind (thinking) and our body (feeling).

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Candlelight Yin Relax - XL Class

Price EUR 17,50

We’re excited to host a special edition 90-minute XL Candlelight Yin Relax class in collaboration with expert teacher Joke de Jager. If anyone knows all about restorative yoga, calming the nervous system and caring for the body’s bones and connective tissue and all the small fibres in between, it must be her.

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For this special class you don’t need any yoga experience. Just bring yourself, your mat, a pillow case (to cover your props), a blanket/towel and some warm clothes.
With this class you’re in a for a treat!

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Sacred Cacao Ceremony

Price EUR 45

Come and join us for a very special sacred cacao ceremony and experience the magical combination of cacao, yin yoga and sound.

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We will begin the ceremony by drinking a nourishing and delicious raw cacao elixir that will open our hearts and assist us in making a connection with the self. We will follow with a soothing yin yoga practice accompanied by live sounds from beautiful alchemy singing bowls. This will allow us to fully release and let go & open the body to heal.

Cacao is regarded as a sacred medicinal plant and helps to:

– release old stories, blockages & negativity
– increase creativity
– open our hearts
– feel a harmonious balance between thinking & feeling
– be one with the present moment

The ceremonial cacao that we’ll use in this workshop is grown and cultivated in the traditional way so that the “spirit of cacao” and healing properties have been preserved, unlike normal cacao / chocolate. It is safe to drink and has no hallucinating effects.

Teachers: Fi de Wit (yoga teacher and expert in the sacred tradition of facilitating cacao ceremonies) and Michaela Kress (artist alchemy singing bowls).
Level: All levels welcome.

Do not miss this unique experience!

Important note: if you are on antidepressant please contact us beforehand as some antidepressant medication does not mix well with the cacao.

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Recharge & Release - Winter Edition

Price EUR 35

Connect with the core of your being and release tensions & emotions with the Winter edition of our Recharge & Release workshop led by Judith van der Klink. Move from Yang to Yin to Yoga Nidra and discover the therapeutic effects of yoga by stimulating your body’s energy lines (“meridians”) that relate to the Winter season.

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In this 2,5 hour workshop, Judith will guide you through an intelligent yin yang yoga sequence to support the movement of energy within your body and release any built up tensions & emotions. Winter is ruled by the water element, and so this Winter edition specifically focuses on the water element’s kidneys and urinary bladder meridians.

By stimulating these meridians throughout the practice, you will restore your resources, manage your reserves, release tension and remove (energetic and emotional) blockages. Especially, you’ll let go of things that do not serve you – such as fear. You’ll leave the workshop feeling lighter and positive.

The workshop will start off with a vinyasa inspired gentle Yang practice, moving mindfully on the rhythm of your breath. As the flow builds up, you will start to release tensions in the face, the shoulders, the spine and the hips. The sequence continues with a meditative Yin practice, designed to clear out blockages along the kidneys and urinary bladder meridians – to stimulate the flow of your vital energy. In this part of the practice you turn further inwards and allow everything to be as it is. This way your body continues to recharge and release tensions and now it begins to free emotions as well. You are invited to use as many props (blankets, pillows, bolsters, blocks, etc -) you need to come into the poses and arrive into your body, out of your head.
The workshop will end with a guided yoga nidra practice, allowing you to enter a deep restful state and have the therapeutic effects of this beautiful practice sink in.

All levels are welcome.

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Mini Escape: Restore, Reflect & Rebalance

Price EUR 40

Would you like to have a moment for yourself during the busy December month? Experience how you can stay in your own energy during the holidays? And consciously look back at 2020?

This beautiful Mini Escape with Melanie van der Laan is a time for yourself to rest, relax, go out of your head and connect to your body, reflect at the past year and to feel the light inside of you.

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Embracing the Winter

Price EUR 40

To start the New Year and embrace the new season of Winter, Philine will share with us a beautiful 2,5 hour elemental yoga session combined with Ayurvedic goodness.

You will leave the workshop feeling like you’ve been on a mini-retreat. Winter, bring it on.

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What to expect?

Ayurveda tips and principles, rituals to improve health and wellbeing specific for the season.
Seasonal Elemental Vinyasa for moving, feeling and connecting.
Seasonal Elemental Yin to pause, observe and witness.
Essential oils to support self-care and healing.
Gift bag for self-love.
A crystal meditation.

*all levels welcome

This seasonal workshop is one of a series of 4, created by Philine Nugteren

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Veda Ela: The Power Of Gentleness

Price EUR 50

Difficult times require profound practices based on equanimity & resilience. To help us to stay centered, let go of what not longer serve us and act from patience and adaptability.

In this workshop we will explore the quality of gentleness towards ourselves and others through Yin & Restorative Yoga & Yoga Nidra.

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Through Yin we get in touch with our feminine energy to find the edge, surrender and be still.

Restorative yoga teaches us the art of resting and being gentle to ourselves and therefore to others.

During the practice of Yoga Nidra (also call “yogi sleep”, a state of hypnosis) we plant the seed of intention: what we would like to manifest in our lives.

Experience the gentleness of being in a place where you can physically, mentally and spiritually relax, recharge and heal.

This workshop is open to Yoga teachers, therapists, body workers and yoga students of all levels.

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Veda Ela: The Practice Of Compassion

Price EUR 60

The practice of self enquiry and compassion towards ourselves & to others is a part of the foundations of Yoga. It brings forth the entire energy of our being with love and courage.

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In this workshop we melt away tensions and emotions first through kind and soft dance and free movement. Paying attention to the sensations of breath to create radical presence.

Restorative Yoga poses focus on healing through rest and the profound experience of being in contrast to doing.

The practice of Yin yoga together with affirmations enhances our intention of being compassionate

Meditation is the art of listening inwardly for guidance in the midst of daily life.

With “Lovingkindness” -a meditation from buddhist back round- we find compassion in ourselves and spread it to others

This workshop is open to yoga teachers, therapists, body workers and yoga students who would like to integrate the quality of compassion in their professional and in daily life.

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