Sacred Cacao Ceremony

Price EUR 35

2 timeslots
Saturday August 22 | 2pm – 4.30pm
Saturday August 22 | 7pm – 9.30pm

Come and join us for a sacred cacao ceremony and experience the magical combination of cacao, yin yoga and sound.

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We will begin the ceremony by drinking a nourishing and delicious raw cacao elixir that will open our hearts and assist us in making a connection with the self. We will follow with a soothing yin yoga practice accompanied and deepened by the healing and mesmerizing sounds of Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls.

This will allow us to fully release and let go & open the body to heal. Cacao is regarded as a sacred medicinal plant and helps to:

-release old stories, blockages & negativity
-increase creativity
-open our hearts
-feel a harmonious balance between thinking & feeling
-be one with the present moment

The sound of the crystal bowls is supporting and enhancing these effects of the cacao and the ceremony.

The ceremonial cacao that we’ll use in this workshop is grown and cultivated in the traditional way so that the “spirit of cacao” and healing properties have been preserved, unlike normal cacao / chocolate. It is safe to drink and has no hallucinating effects.

Teacher: Fi de Wit, yoga teacher and expert in the sacred tradition of facilitating cacao ceremonies. Michaela Kress (alchemy singing bowls).

Level: All levels welcome

Price single ticket: EUR 35
Price duo ticket: EUR 65 

Do not miss this unique experience!

Important note: if you are on antidepressant please contact us beforehand as some antidepressant medication does not mix well with the cacao.

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Vino & Vinyasa (waitlist)

Price EUR 35 (single) | EUR 65 (duo)

First yoga to open the senses followed by a wine tasting at Le Bouchon!

We think that life is about enjoying all the good things, so we partnered up with our neighbours Le Bouchon to bring you this unique Sunday afternoon special.
We’ll start with a beautiful *all levels* yoga session led by the amazing Philine. Expect to breathe, flow, sweat, stretch and relax, preparing yourself to enjoy a beautiful tasting of 7 wines (1 sparkling wine, 3 white wines and 3 red wines), carefully selected by Le Bouchon’s connaisseurs.

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Teacher: Philine Nugteren
Level: All levels welcome

If you love yoga and wine (or one or the other) this one is for you!

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Recharge & Release - Autumn Edition

Price EUR 35 | EUR 90 for full series (3 editions)

Lift your energy and release tensions & emotions with the Autumn edition of our Recharge & Release workshop led by Judith van der Klink. Move from Yang to Yin to Yoga Nidra and discover the therapeutic effects of yoga by stimulating your body’s energy lines (“meridians”) that relate to the Autumn season.

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In this 2,5 hour workshop, Judith will guide you through an intelligent yin yang yoga sequence to support the movement of energy within your body and release any built up tensions & emotions. This Autumn edition specifically focuses on the meridians of the Stomach and its paired organ the Spleen, both associated with the element of earth and the emotions of anxiety and stress.

By stimulating these meridians throughout the practice, you will restore balance, detox the organ systems, nourish the digestive system, release tension from spine and hips and remove (energetic) blockages. Especially, you’ll let go of things that do not serve you – such as worry, anxiety, and overthinking. You’ll leave the workshop feeling lighter and positive.

The workshop will start off with a vinyasa inspired Yang practice, moving mindfully on the rhythm of your breath. As the flow builds up, gradually your body starts to open up and generate energy. You will start to release tensions in the face, the shoulders, the spine and the hips. The sequence continues with a meditative Yin practice, designed to clear out blockages along the stomach-spleen meridian – to stimulate the flow of your vital energy. In this part of the practice you turn further inwards and allow everything to be as it is. This way your body continues to recharge and release tensions and now it begins to free emotions as well. You are invited to use as many props (blankets, pillows, bolsters, blocks, etc) you need to come into the poses and arrive into your body, out of your head.
The workshop will end with a guided yoga nidra practice, allowing you to enter a deep restful state and have the therapeutic effects of this beautiful practice sink in.

All levels are welcome.

Date & Time Saturday September 26 | 2.15 – 4.45 pm
Price €35 for one edition / EUR 90 for three editions


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